6 Signs of Taken For Granted In Relationship

6 Signs of Taken For Granted In Relationship

Affection and appreciation are the foundation of any relationship. It is necessary to express your love for someone, to make the person feel that they are valued.

Though many people find it difficult to showcase their emotions, few take such love and concern for granted.

In a relationship, some people take their beloved ones for granted. They tend to overlook their lover’s unconditional support and devotion as something which ought not to be overemphasized.

Do you feel likewise? Do you feel that the honeymoon phase of your relationship is getting blurred with each passing day?
Do you often feel ignored by your partner?

Have you started realizing that your worth is being undervalued?
Are you in a state where you feel you are being taken for granted in your relationship but are not ready to accept it?

If so, then it is high time to identify the red flags that you are taking for granted in a relationship.

Here are the top six signs of taken for granted in a relationship

These are surefire signs that indicate your partner is taking you for granted.

1. Reciprocation of love and respect begins to fade away

Relationships sustain on mutual reciprocation of love and respect for each other. Over time the charisma of your relationship starts diminishing when your partner takes you for granted.

They no longer make you feel loved and you feel your position in your partner’s life has changed from earlier. The daily doses of love start to lose their essence when your partner relinquishes themselves from trivial courtesies that are the basics of a relationship. You might discover the morning no longer begins with an adorable kiss, text messages, or an expression of concern and worry about you is lacking.

Your partner might not show minimal respect to you for whatever you do for him or her to lift their mood or rescue them from any kind of problem. They might treat you as a person who is supposed to be there whenever they need you. They might make you feel that you are not doing anything extraordinary for them for which they should pay you respect.

You need to awaken your senses if the same is happening to you.

2. Turns a deaf ear to you when you speak

You might often find yourself only speaking whereas your partner is glued to his/ her phone or behaves in a way that they are too busy with their work commitments and deadlines that they are not being able to provide you the quality time that you deserve.

Your partner would make you feel that they are working hard only to secure both of yours’s future but remember this one-word ‘ priority’. As human beings, we get to prioritize those that we think are important to us.

You are being taken for granted in the relationship when your partner does not pay any heed to your problems or they do not even bother about what is going on in your life and only keep exaggerating their lives.

3. Keeps imposing responsibilities

You might find yourself overburdened with responsibilities and your partner remains occupied with their work. They might be ignorant about their responsibilities even if they are pretty aware of their part of duties.

If you are married or living together as a couple then sharing responsibilities is necessary to execute regular work and household plans, programs, and activities.

It is not a matter of appreciation if you are the only person to carry out all the expenses of households or other luxurious life expenditures.

Your partner is taking you for granted if he or she dumps all the responsibilities on you regarding arranging a house party, attending guests, and without any prior discussions and suggestions, your privileged soulmate appears only in the final seconds.

4. Romance and intimacy becomes a long-lost affair

Your relationship has entered a phase of change when you find your partner showing less interest in romance and intimacy.

It is a warning sign for you if your partner lacks an attachment with you on an emotional level and raises a question on you that hints as if you are not being able to hit the right chord of emotional connectivity or physical intimacy.

If your partner gives excuses when you make a move or repeatedly avoids being intimate with you or does not ask you often for a romantic date, chances could be he/ she is cheating on you. Something is wrong and you need to find out.

5. Preferences start changing

Once your suggestions or opinions held great significance to your partner. You were their first preference to put forth any advice even over trivial things.

You would know your partner’s preferences have started to change when they ask for any suggestions from others.

You are taken for granted when your beloved makes hangout plans with colleagues, friends, and others, on the other hand, declines your proposal for the same.

6. Sabotages self-esteem

Your partner makes you feel that you are not efficient, intelligent, or attractive enough to match their potentialities. As a result, you start questioning your values and skills.

Staying in a relationship where you are being taken for granted can be toxic for both your emotional and mental well-being.

A feeling of self-doubt, worthlessness sabotages your self-esteem. A relationship that shatters your real self is not worth keeping.

If your partner is taking the best of you, then try to communicate and convey what you are expecting out of the relationship and if it does not fit in the place then do not take much time to bid farewell to this relationship.

Remember a relationship where you need to make compromises and where you identify signs of being taken for granted is not a healthy relationship.

Your happiness and your self-worth deserve to be nurtured and not be undermined.

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6 Signs of Taken For Granted In Relationship