Surviving Marriage In A Toxic Home Environment

Marriage is a union of two souls to make a lifelong journey. The key to a happy and successful marriage is based on love, mutual trust, and respect for one another, and a basic sense of adjustment.

Marriage also brings responsibilities and challenges for one another. A positive frame of mind and attitude towards life and marriage encourage you to overcome the challenges and difficulties.

Many people find it difficult to adjust themselves after they get married. Marriage becomes a compromise rather than an adjustment between two people.

Environmental factors also play a significant role to function a marriage properly. The relationship between partners gets tough if you are running your marriage in a toxic home environment.

Toxic Home Environment: What it feels like?

A home is a place where we not only reside physically but also mentally. It acts as a space of solace for us.

A toxic environment at home can destroy serenity, contentment, the pattern of work-life, and married life. Physical health also gets affected.

A toxic home environment can comprise dysfunctional familial ties, distorted parental relationships, sibling rivalry, and occasional marital disputes.

Marriage can face great difficulties in such conditions. It comes as a challenge to survive marriage in a toxic home environment.

Surviving marriage in a toxic home environment

This is how it feels like while surviving marriage in a toxic environment

1. Misunderstanding between the married couples

A toxic home environment can create misunderstandings between the partners. It is often observed that manipulative inlaws channelize their anger and hatred towards daughters-in-law by poisoning the ear of husbands.

Misunderstanding in a relationship builds up an emotional barrier by igniting feelings of grudge and mistrust for one another. Frequent turmoils and arguments become a part of daily activity. This turns the relationship to take an ugly form of expression.

2. Inability to think logically and arrive at a decision making

Persistent interferences of family members create a rift between the two individuals. The toxicity in the house hinders your abilities to think logically and manage the disrupting situation as a whole.

Individuals swing between their inner conflicts and toxic provocations. As a result, they fail to sort the differences with their partner by arriving at the correct solution to their miseries.

3. Work-life gets interrupted

Most of the couples have a work-life. The toxic environment at home gets annoying after returning from work.

Work pressure along with the toxic surrounding give rise to tension, stress irritability, frustration, and anxiety. Finally, all these mixed feelings are vented over each other’s partner.

4. Signs of emotional detachment

Surviving marriage in a toxic environment leads to emotional detachment between partners. Lack of communication and interaction sustains the situation for a longer time.
Once the relationship starts moving to either direction it gets complicated to maintain it. There is an urge to move out of the marriage.

5. Divorce and separation are inevitable.

The ultimate destiny of surviving marriage in a toxic home environment commands married couples to opt for divorce and separation. They find it more proper to stay apart rather than facing never changing commotions.

A journey of love that people want to move along for a lifetime gets shattered due to a toxic environment at home.

It is not desirable to witness an end of a marriage or a relationship between two people.
One should take active steps to prevent their marriage to get destroyed from the fuels added by the members present in the toxic environment.

Steps to survive marriage in a toxic home environment

Following these steps might be useful for you to survive marriage in a toxic home environment.

1. Keep yourself busy whenever at home

Try to engage with activities that prevent your focus to shift from the toxicity around you. Keep yourself busy over the phone with a friend or work.

Spend time with your partner by identifying each other’s hobbies and fields of interest. Watch a movie, listen to music, or practice work out session together. Discuss your plans and work-related issues.

This will be beneficial for you and your partner from the daily doses of the scuffle.

2. Spend time with your partner outside the home environment

You can relive the ‘good old days’ of your relationship by taking a break from your work life and go out for romantic dates, a long walk, or vacations.

This will not only make your bonding strong but also provide you a scope to fix your misunderstandings and problems.

Talk to your partner sheds out the communicational gap and bring you closer emotionally and mentally. Try to understand each other’s problems.

3. Take the help of an expert

Some innumerable experts spend years studying human behavior and reasons for the manifestations of a particular behavior.

Contact an expert and ask for their suggestions. This might be effective to eliminate the toxicity from your home environment to a certain degree.

4. Find a different place to live

If nothing works out then find another mode of accommodation instead of getting stuck in the same toxic house environment.

Make your finance strong and powerful to make an entirely new settlement. This might take some time but you need to hold your patience and maintain your sanity. It is just because surviving marriage in a toxic home environment can cost you with a lot of mishappenings.

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