7 Strategies To Overcome Change Anxiety

7 Strategies To Overcome Change Anxiety

It is true that nothing is ever constant in our life. But there is an addendum to it- change is the only constant that we will ever get. Life has a way of knocking us up and about, shifting us from place to place, and turning us into an adaptable machine that is extremely resilient. Yet, we are not the same dependable individual in the beginning- for change comes with a lot of anxiety. And that change anxiety can be the result of anything- from something as trivial as ‘Would I be able to sleep in a completely new bed tomorrow?’, to something as life-ascertaining as ‘Is this new job in a new city what I really want?’

Sure, we are able to deal with it as time passes, but how to deal with the first burst of anxiety? How do we convince ourselves that humans are built for experiencing changes? How can we be more adaptable to change? Let’s read on. 

7 Ways To Deal With Change Anxiety

1. Not Everything Has To Change

Remember, in the heavily globalized world that we live in today, the culture isn’t as different as you would think it to be. So what if you are shifting continents, there are still a few things that would remind you of your identity. You might travel all the way over the Atlantic from damp London to sunny LA, but you can still hold on to your favorite TV show- that doesn’t have to change. Holding on to a few things will always help you identify yourself. 

2. Preparations

More than preparing your bags, and packing them up, you have to prepare your mind for the change. Change anxiety can often be the result of an incomplete conversation with ourselves. We need to prepare ourselves for what’s to come, and that can only take place if we are unhurried. Settle down, and list the reasons for the change, as well as the advantages that come along. 

3. Forget The Future

Change can often be the result of our fear of the future. As it stands, our futures are hidden forever- and now when you add the element of change to it, one can always end up thinking they are lost. Don’t think of what can happen next month, think of what you are doing now. 

4. Acknowledgement

Don’t run away from change. Change is life, and there is no brushing it off. And, there is no reason for you to deny it- who knows, it could bring an opportunity to your door that you will forever be thankful for. Also, accepting change can lead to stress- but denial will lead to guilt, and let’s be honest, it is far easier to deal with stress. 

5. Express

Hiding away within yourself, and storing it inside can never be healthy. You need to have a frank, open source of communication, who would tell you what you need to hear- not what you want to hear. And the best thing- they will listen to your issues without judgment. 

6. Maintain A Routine

You should set up a routine for yourself- otherwise, it could get difficult to deal with both changing surroundings and undisciplined life. Maintain a routine and stick to it- and your changing surroundings will soon cease to matter. Find peace within yourself, and simply adapt to the places that you come across. 

7. Journaling

Maybe it would help you deal with change anxiety if you ended up journaling your thoughts. You need something to feel permanent. And your diary can be that. Pour your heart out, make affirmations, create plans- find your peace. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to deal with panic attacks that come out of change anxiety?

If you are trying to look for comfort outside, you will be disappointed. Let the surroundings change, for you have no control over them. But what you do have control over is your breathing pattern. Focus on it, and you will see yourself getting calmer. 

2. Should I be active to deal with change anxiety?

Sure, workouts can be one of the best sources of dealing with anxiety. As it stands, working out helps in secreting dopamine, which will certainly alleviate your mood. Also, the strict routine of a workout will create a semblance of something constant.

3. Will Interactions With New People Help?

Change anxiety can be particularly difficult if you are alone. It could be beneficial to you to go out and interact, and understand their problems as well. Remember, everyone who is new to a particular place has their own share of jitters. You moving out of your way to interact with people will make them comfortable as well. 

So, do you think you are now equipped to deal with change anxiety? Write to us in the comments below!

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7 Strategies To Overcome Change Anxiety