Mood Tracker : Importance, Ideas, Apps, And Printable Mood Tracker For Bullet Journal

Mood Tracker : Importance, Ideas, Apps, And Printable Mood Tracker For Bullet Journal

We often see individuals complain either about having a low mood or stating that the person is in a good mood today. Also, some people keep lamenting about their mood swings.

So how can we keep a track of the mood?

Here you go.

In positive psychology, a technique is used which is called ‘Mood tracker’. This helps people to keep a record of their mood as it varies.

It is good for promoting mental health because this tool works wonders for depression and anxiety- where you can tap a person’s mood and can see how it ranges and can provide better remedial measures.

So, what is the importance of a mood tracker?

  • It helps to identify the causes that are responsible for the changes in the mood of an individual.
  • It takes an insight into the person’s daily lifestyle to see whether a disruptive habit is causing the variation of the moods.
  • Reduces stress levels by developing coping mechanisms to deal with the stressors.
  • Helps to understand the pattern in mood wings and arrive at proper treatment methods.
  • Finally, it helps to maintain proper physical and mental well-being.

To achieve this, it is necessary to grab the best tool for tracking moods that is easily accessible and available.

One of the best ways to track your mood is bullet journal mood Tracker.

What is a Bullet Journal Mood Tracker?

Bullet journal mood tracker, the method that has been pioneered by Ryder Carroll, a Brooklyn-based digital product designer.

It  is a designed page in your planner or in your bullet journal where you can track your mood whether you are feeling tired, sad, happy, bored, anxious, angry, depressed, etc. Even bullet journal also designs to track your gratitude on daily basis. You can create a daily or monthly mood tracker like a calendar with a color key for each mood you want to track and fill them.

Bullet journal techniques are extremely flexible and easy to use. Data collected through this approach can prove useful if a person seeks a mental health expert’s assistance during the therapeutic or counseling session. Though results may differ from person to person.

The bullet journal is well-known among the population and is used by many ever since it has been formulated. But many other mood-tracking ideas can also help you to track your mood. Let’s find out.

5 Mood tracker ideas:

These ideas would hardly disappoint you. Let’s discover

1. Mood tracker with a calendar

Free printable Mood tracker with a calendar

Click here to download free printable bullet journal to track your mood

You can effortlessly track your mood using the calendar by marking the days of the month how you felt.

This way you get to keep a record of your mood as well as the duration of particular emotion sustained for the number of days of the month or number of months in the calendar.

This would help a person undergoing treatments for depression because the therapist will be able to track down the exact days since the person’s symptoms of depression have shown up.

2. Balloon mood tracker

This mood tracker is effective as the balloons come in different attractive colors. Each color has unique implications. Using this mood tracker will appropriately define your characteristics.

Hence, apply this technique when you have your birthday knocking at the door. It would be helpful to tap your mood variations more accurately.

3. Planters mood tracker

If you are a plant lover, then what are you waiting for?

Get some pictures of beautiful plants of your choice that soothes your soul and grab your color pencils, pen, paper, and draw them.

4. Mandala mood tracker

Free printabe mandala Mood tracker with a calendar

Click here to download a free printable Mandala bullet journal to track your mood

All you need is paper, a pen, and a compass for this mandala mood tracker that steals accolades on social media such as Instagram.

This is a powerful way of tracking mood for people who incline to art.

5. Coffee mood trackers

Add the different flavors of coffee according to your mood. This coffee mood tracker would never fail to uplift the mood of a coffee addict.
Make this mood tracker to your companion list while you switch on your work mode along with a cup of coffee.

Living in this technical-oriented world, we get to enjoy its advantages to the optimum level. Apart from the mood tracker ideas technology bestows with numerous apps on your android or iPhones which you can download and experience an upliftment in your mood.

Here it is.

5 Mood Tracker apps

Find out the about the apps that work best for you.

1. Daylio

This award-winning journaling mood tracker app is best suitable for curing depression. Its feature of ‘statistics and calendar’ provides you patterns that you can match with your present mood and record it. It also lets you access it without even typing any words.

2. Realifechange

This is the first of all apps which take into account the slightest details experienced by the users and support them to develop a realistic perspective towards life.

It is perfectly designed so that the users can get to cope with stress, mindfulness meditation, and achieve self-satisfaction.

3. MoodKit

This mood tracker app consists of 4 sections:
a) Activities
b) Thoughts
c) Mood
d) Journal

Users can choose activities such as physical exercises, diet plans, meditation, time management, social interaction skills.

Users can get to know about their thought patterns and then later on the tally with their consecutive thought recording data, finally arriving at a section where they can seek advice.

This app is based on cognitive behavior therapy and immensely helpful for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stressful events.

If you haven’t downloaded this app then waste no single minute to start using it.

4. aiMei

This app is well developed and includes features like artificial intelligence-powered chat and personality tests. Users can get to know their personality and help them raise emotional intelligence.

aiMei provides 4 components of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management.

5. T2 Mood Tracker

This app helps users to identify negative emotions and track their emotions at different times.

Are mood trackers effective?

Here are few points that indicate the effectiveness of the mood trackers:

  • Mood trackers are effective in tracking your mood and help you manage other psychiatric illnesses. Therefore, it enhances the mental health of the person.
  • If you use the mood tracker you would know by yourself how effective it is to make your life better.
  • It gives a brief outline of your mood and your entire character and traits of personality.
  • For some people, it is an easy way to add some novelty to their monotony.
  • Mood trackers are designed in an organized way that also impacts your life to be focused and organized in your way.

Haven’t used a yet?

Start using one immediately.

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Mood Tracker : Importance, Ideas, Apps, And Printable Mood Tracker For Bullet Journal