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5 Tips For Men To Handle Household In The Absence Of a Working Wife

A loving relationship is a two-way street. It flourishes and strengthens with the mutual effort of both the individuals. If you help your girlfriend, lover, or wife with the household chores, you come off as a loving, caring, considerate and attentive partner; someone who makes sure the other partner doesn’t feel alone in the relationship. Doing household chores is not a gender-specific role. Whether you are a man or woman, if the house is yours, the chores are your responsibility. Every responsibility seems manageable and undemanding when shared with someone you can trust.

As a husband, you might have already been shouldering several responsibilities like job, bills, groceries, and others. Remember, if your wife or partner happens to be a working woman, she also has to juggle between workload, household chores, taking care of the children (if any), taking care of you, and also making sure everything is in harmony. When you both come back home from work, you both wish that the household chores would have done itself but sadly they need to be completed. Your wife might make doing chores look seamless but it indeed is a tough task, especially when one comes exhausted from work.

One of my married male friends once commented, quite ignorantly, “Household chores are still easy. Try handling financial matters.” This is because his wife is a homemaker and he is blind to the other side of the coin.

You might as well come across moments when your wife might have to leave home for some urgent meeting, unplanned work responsibilities, stay out of station for work, or other reasons leaving little chances for them to complete the day’s chores. You and your partner might have week offs on different days or your wife might have to work extra hours on weekends too. Under all these circumstances, it is evident that your wife might not get the time to complete the household chores and take care of the children. If you happen to be home on such days, what is it that you can do to make your wife’s day a little less stressful?

Here are 5 tips for the kings to handle household when the queen of the house is at work:

1. Ask and learn –

The first step to being able to handle household chores is to learn from your partner. Don’t avoid learning basic life skills just because you are a man. There might arise situations when you will have to take care of yourself. Ask your partner and learn from them as much as you can. Where does she keep the spices in the kitchen? How does she do the laundry? How to cook? Are there plants to water? How does she put the baby to sleep? Where does she keep the necessities of the baby?

Be aware of your household needs as much as you can. This will make you more engaged and willing to take up actions.

2. Prioritize chores –

Doing chores is also a lot about listening to your instincts. Target chores that you think need your immediate attention. The first half is the busiest part of the day. You can start the day by prioritizing the household chores that need to be completed in the first half of the day. You can skip chores that do not need to be done regularly like doing groceries, dusting shelves, laundry, sweeping, cleaning, and focus your energy on chores that need to be completed daily like cooking food, washing dishes, making the bed, and taking care of children. That way you won’t end up being drained and also will get enough time to relax afterward.

3. Time management –

Planning the day in your head before you jump into actions will help you manage your time well. You can prepare a healthy breakfast which is easy to make yet keeps you filled and energetic throughout the day. That way you can go easy on lunch. Think about the sequence of the chores that works for you. Here’s an example – making breakfast, getting the kids ready for school, seeing them off, bathing, making lunch once you get time to yourself, and finally washing the dishes. Once the first half of the day is done, you can retire to self-care at your leisure.
You can always be little lackadaisical planning chores for the second part of the day.

4. Cater to the needs of the children –

If you have children, don’t neglect them, even if it’s just for a day or two. Children depend on their parents for fulfilling most of their needs. If you have school going kids, help them get ready for school, pack their tiffins, get them to school, and pick them up from school on time. The feeding and sleeping routines of children must not be compromised. If you have younger kids at home, you have to be more consistent with their feeding and sleeping routines. So make sure they eat and sleep on time. Play with your kids, take them out, and keep them entertained, fulfilled, and happy.

5. Be confident –

Men are increasingly getting better at committing to equality at home. Many men are bachelors living alone, single fathers, or are people who majorly work from home. These men are gradually becoming a pro at balancing work and home like any other woman would.
You can do it too, just need to have faith and trust in yourself. Don’t feel stressed about the fact that your partner isn’t there to help you. Know that you don’t have to be perfect at managing household works nevertheless you can always try to do your best.

Most men would love to have high-achieving ambitious women as their partners. If you are one such man, she will love it if you share her responsibilities of the household. The house is where two people put their hearts and soul into making it a home.

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5 Tips For Men To Handle Household In The Absence Of a Working Wife
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