7 Methods Of Undergoing Digital Detox in 2023

7 Methods Of Undergoing Digital Detox in 2023

Technology has bound us so tightly within itself that we do end up forgetting our identity at times. For hours on end, we keep on looking at our screens, mindlessly consuming everything the internet has to offer- not realizing if it was beneficial for us or not. While that would have not been a big issue if we all led a very rustic life, it does create a major issue in our fast-paced lifestyle. We don’t even have the time to understand ourselves, and yet we can never stop ourselves from looking at that Instagram reel. That’s where the importance of a digital detox comes in.

Signs You May Need A Digital Detox

  • You might be suffering from digital addiction, without even noticing it. This is because we seldom actually stay away from all kinds of screens. The best way to know whether it has become unhealthy is by observing your reaction when you are away from your mobile or computer for at least 5-6 hours. If you feel angry or agitated, and your mood refuses to lighten up, then you may need a digital detox asap.
  • Other signs are mainly related to your interest in activities that do not involve technology. If you do not find interest in any physical games that you used to play, or a childhood favorite book, without having to check on your phone every 5 minutes, then there’s a good chance you are addicted. Finally, if you notice that almost every second you spend awake is spent staring at some kind of screen, then also, a digital detox may be helpful.

Reasons To Do A Digital Detox

Staring at screens for too long is believed to be one of the notable causes of stress according to a 2017 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association. Apart from that, there are both long-term as well as short-term consequences of digital addiction. Long-term consequences include severe health problems like neck pain, backache, and damaged vision. Over the short-term, digital addiction can have a severe impact on your memory power, that is making you more forgetful.

Benefits Of Digital Detox

Staying away from the screen is believed to improve your sleep quality and time, according to a study conducted by the University of London. When it comes to children, they showed better social skills, like reading the emotions of people, when screens were kept away from them according to a study by UCLA. For working adults, it gives a chance to disconnect from the ‘always-on’ workplace culture, thus reducing stress and mental exhaustion.

7 Ways Through Which We Can Approach A Digital Detox In 2023

1. When On A Break, Enjoy It

If you have been given a tiny break while at work- enjoy that! There is no reason to burden your mind with technology at that point too. Maybe read a book, eat something, or even go for a stroll. Unless you really need to use the phone to call someone, don’t use it. Remember, at the end of the day, it isn’t about absolutely discarding technology. Rather, you need to stop yourself from going down the internet wormhole. 

2. Set Up Goals Which You Can Actually Fulfill

Don’t set something so unrealistic that you have problems trying to complete it. If you really want to start a digital detox, start small. Reduce your screen time by an hour first, and then keep reducing it until you feel you are using technology to the point it is necessary. You don’t have to immediately let go of it- for it won’t work. You will inevitably find yourself getting dragged to your phone. 

3. Delete Phone Apps Which Are Unnecessary

If you have apps on your phone which are absolutely unnecessary and add nothing to your life, remove them. They are simply major distractions that could be stopping you from reaching your true potential. Keep your phone minimal- which will actually help you from using it too frequently. 

4. Establish No Tech Zones

Mark certain areas of your home where you won’t use your phone at all. These could be your bedroom, or your kitchen, or your study. Every time you find yourself in these rooms, keep your phone away and be in the present. Maybe cook something that will lift your spirits, and also spend your time. 

5. Au Naturale

The best way to go about a digital detox is to immerse yourself in nature. Take a walk outside, and feel the world around you. Remember, there is a big world just outside your phone screen, and it is more interesting. Go on a hike, cycle across the country, and just stop using your phone unless you have to make important calls. 

6. B/W

Have you ever considered that your attraction towards your phone could be because there are 4k colors on it? Maybe if you tried turning your entire phone into a monochrome, you won’t find it as interesting anymore. Try it out, after all, there is nothing to lose. 

7. Pick Up A Book

And we don’t mean a Kindle- an actual book. How do you think people in the 1800s spent their time? They didn’t have TVs or streaming platforms to while away their time with. They consumed books at an enormous rate. So why don’t you try that as well? You don’t have to turn out to be a scholar, but you can always read something that tickles your imagination. And remember, it can be Harry Potter- there is no shame in that. 

8. Meal Times Should Be Sans Phones

If you are eating, enjoy it without a phone. Relish in every bite, and savor the flavors. Remember, someone worked hard on your food- this is the least you can do to express your gratitude. Your phone can take a step back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Digital Detoxing necessary in 2023?

If you really want to be a well-rounded human being, you would have to step out of your digital world. There is a lot to life than just pushing a lot of buttons, and watching a few videos. Come out of the shell and talk to people. 

2. How Would I Know If I Need Digital Detoxing?

Listen to people around you- if they keep telling you that you are spending too much time on your phone, they could be correct. Also, another sign for you to notice would be the amount of anxiety that you feel when your phone is not with you. 

3. Is Digital Detoxing Possible in 2023?

While a complete digital detox might not be possible in the current world, there are steps one can take. Look for realistic solutions that will help you address this issue- while helping you use technology the way it was always supposed to.

So, do you think you should start digital detoxing? Tell us down below!


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