25 Good Reasons To Stay Alive

25 Good Reasons To Stay Alive

Life is hard. And when we say hard, we don’t just refer to the struggles that we face in our day-to-day life, but also the long-term struggles that have a long-term impact on our lives, if not for a lifetime. Many of you reading this have wondered at some point or other in your lives, “After all, why should I live?” Well, this article is to let you know that there are still numerous good enough reasons for you to continue living life. Sometimes we got thoughts like “what are good reasons to stay alive?”.There can be a million reasons to stay alive, We at Unravel Mind have brought 25 good reasons to stay alive for you.

We encourage you to take life as it comes, motivate you to make the best out of situations that are far from perfect, and help you have a usually positive outlook about everything that you face. Read on the 25 reasons to stay alive and share them with your near and dear ones as well.

Good reasons to stay alive list

1. Experiencing the good things in life: This is a very general statement, to begin with, but all we want to do is to stress on all the good things that life has to offer us. Indeed, we would miss out on a lot if we were to not remain alive anymore. More on a lot of those good things in the upcoming points below.

2. Witnessing the first rain of autumn: One of the best things to experience in life first hand, not once, but innumerable times for each year you live, this would truly be a memorable one. The fresh scent of earth, the rush of wind, feeling the first raindrop fall on your skin – it would all give you the feeling of being closer to the divine.

3. Stepping on crunchy leaves: Dry leaves make a crunchy sound when they are stepped on and it is an immensely satisfying feeling for many. These fallen leaves indicate the impending season change and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well.

4. Making new friends: What’s life without friends? The company of friends is very much a necessity to make your life happy and fruitful, and you have to stay alive so that you are able to keep on making new friends and get to know new people throughout your life.

5. Catching up with old friends: Alex Vause in the popular Netflix series OITNB famously said, “I think once you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away.” Stay in touch with your old friends with whom you share a deep personal connection, meet up occasionally and try to hang out in each other’s company from time to time because as it has been rightly saying, “Old is gold.”

6. Watching beautiful sunrises: Sunrises are the indication of the impending dawn that lies ahead of us, a new day that awaits us. It reminds us to start being productive after resting the night.

7. Watching even more beautiful sunsets: Sunsets color the evening sky in myriad shades and hues and it is indeed one of the most beautiful sights mankind has ever experienced, period. Watching sunsets is pretty therapeutic for the mind as well.

8. Holding hands with someone for the first time: This romantic gesture is something that might leave you with goosebumps for sure, especially when it is the first time you are doing it.

9. Having your first kiss: The first kiss is always special because you experience a whole new rush of feel-good hormones in your body. It would certainly be a unique and memorable one for you!

10. Waking up an hour before the alarm buzzes: Waking up before your alarm buzzes would give you a refreshing feeling and save you the annoyance of being woken up by the alarm every morning.

11. Having freshly baked cookies: The taste of freshly baked cookies is savored by everyone, especially during the winter season.

12. Enjoying seasonal fruits: Seasonal fruits are one of the must-haves, and every season has a different surprise in store for you when it comes to seasonal fruits!

13. Listening to the wind soar: The sound of the soaring wind, sitting in complete silence, is an experience of another level. Listening to the wind right before rainfalls is also quite therapeutic.

14. Receiving your first payment: Receiving your first payout for your first job will give you a euphoric feeling and you will never ever want to stop working in your life, even though it would take you quite some time to study yourself and understand whether you are a workaholic or not.

15. Laughing with your near and dear ones: Spending time with the people whom you love and care for, and laughing with them from time to time, sometimes for no reason at all is the best thing to do when you want to chill

16. The scent of freshly brewed coffee in a coffee shop: Coffee is an exuberant taste and experience. Spending the morning or evening for a few hours in a cozy cafe with a cup of coffee and a book or laptop for a company would be the perfect pastime for you once in a while.

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17. Painting on canvas: Making some new artworks on your canvas with spray paint, acrylic, watercolor or any other media is something that you must try out, at least once in your life, even if you are not a professional artist. Go ahead and create your own masterpiece!

18. Meeting a celebrity: Can you imagine finally meeting face-to-face with the on-screen heartthrob for whom you go weak in the knees? Your excitement is likely to be over the roof!

19. Petting an animal: If you are an animal, this is one of the greatest reasons you should stay alive, because they are the ones who need you, and you are in your best shape when you are with animals.

20. Making love to someone: Regardless of your sexual orientation, making love to your partner is a blissful experience and your first time making love is something that stays with you.

21. Learning how to cook: Cook for yourself, your family and friends, and your partner. Surprise everyone with your skills in the kitchen!

22. Accepting yourself as who you are: You are neither completely an angel nor completely the devil. The best way for self-growth is to accept yourself with your flaws and scars, utterly and completely.

23. Having sleepovers with friends: Sleepovers, hanging out, ordering food at home and binge-watching movies together is one of the best ways of recreation one can find and you should surely try it out with a bunch of close friends.

24. Having a picnic: Going out for a picnic with your near and dear ones at least once a year would give you much-needed recreation and this is something that you need, period.

25. Surviving through everything that life puts you through: Being a survivor is not easy because life may throw a curveball at us from time to time. Be proud of yourself for all that you have gone through because you have emerged out of it glorious and stronger than before.

There you go! These 25 reasons to stay alive will surely leave a mark in your mind and make you rethink the way you generally lead life. Keep following and reading!


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25 Good Reasons To Stay Alive