Understanding Fashion Psychology and the Growing Trend of Fashion Among Adolescents

Understanding Fashion Psychology and the Growing Trend of Fashion Among Adolescents

Man’s evolution as a human being has made many changes in life. Clothes and accessories in ancient times were a mere requirement in life.

As the world evolved and industries started to develop clothing and dressing got linked with the term ‘fashion’ which gained prominence over time.

Fashion has now become an essential part of our life. Fashion refers to a style that is trending among individuals from celebrities to common people. It is a way of innovation and modification.

In today’s world, it stands as a means of communication along with requirements. It is a form of language through clothes, jewelry, makeup, hairstyles, and many more.

Your sense of fashion depicts a lot about your personality traits. The choice of colors, outfits for an occasion provides subtle signs about your mood, self-interests, attitudes, and choices.

To understand these psychological reasons behind our choice of fashion a field of psychology emerged known as fashion psychology.

What is Fashion Psychology?

Fashion psychology can be defined as a fusion of psychological principles and elements of fashion to study human values, behavior, and self- expressions.

Nowadays every occasion or ritual is being spotted through the lens of fashion. Fashion is mostly based on 3 components- location, occasion, and company.

Your style statements are judged at the time you present yourself at a location for an occasion by the company means people with whom you attend a party or the crowd present around you.

The world of fashion draws the attention of people from every age group. We generally look up to the fashion industry and fashion designers who add new meaning to fashion through their designing skills.

In the same way, fashion casts a magical spell on the youth or the adolescents.

Fashion and Adolescents

Adolescents or teenagers are enchantingly drawn towards fashion the moment they step into the stage of adolescence. They look up into their favorite celebrity, actor, or singer as their role model in terms of fashion and the art of styling.

They contribute much of their academic hours by reading fashion magazines, scanning multiple fashion profiles and pages on social media. There is an extreme inner drive to match their feet with the latest fashion trends among their peer groups.

To understand the role of fashion among adolescents it is important to understand the key psychological factors.

Psychological Facts Behind The Role of fashion among adolescents

Fashion dominates the life of adolescents extensively. Let’s find the growing trend of fashion among adolescents:

1. Good sense of fashion makes you popular:

Adolescents are highly concerned about how they are being perceived by others especially among their peers. They get upset if ridiculed by their friends because of an outfit at tuitions or attending a party.

Good awareness of fashion helps you to create your unique style. You feel proud when you receive accolades for your fashion sense.

2. Fashion influences your self-esteem:

Fashion makes you aware of how you look after wearing a particular dress or accessories. It indirectly controls your level of self- esteem.

You try to seek appreciation from others for your choice of fashion. Your self- confidence diminishes if you are ridiculed or scrutinized by your friends over social media posts or at a social gathering or school functions.

3. Fashion makes you beautiful and adaptive to changes

Fashion reflects your personality. It often manifests your true self. It glorifies you by making you feel beautiful. Fashion is always changing and it provides you with the opportunity to explore your looks with new designs and wardrobes.

With the constant change of styles in the fashion field, it also enhances your adaptive skills as a human being because you get accustomed to the changes.

4. Issues related to body image may start appearing:

Body image is the way we portray in our mind the glimpses of our physical or bodily reflection the same as that in the mirror.

People can have both positive and negative body image. It is the way an individual perceives them.

Fashion and body image are inversely proportional.

Body image issues are prevalent among adolescents when it comes to fashion. They tend to find flaws in their body structure or the way they look by wearing an outfit in front of the mirror.

They get overly conscious of their weight. This reduces their appetite and leads to health problems.

5. Academics losses priority and school performance deteriorate:

In school, adolescents are often bullied because of their lack of fashion outlook. As a result, they feel humiliated and spend more time thinking about their looks and attires.

Their academic performance gets affected because they fail to focus their mind on studies. The school environment appears to be threatening to them.

They avoid interactions with classmates and refrains themselves from attending any places where they would come in contact with groups who ridicules them.

6. Feelings of isolation and helplessness

Prolonged exposure to criticism and social humiliation curbs your inner confidence and makes you feel helpless because you fail to share your problems with anyone due to the fear of further embarrassment.

You move into the niche of isolation. You block the path of communication between you and the social world.

Instead of doing this, you should discuss your tension with someone with whom you feel secure to confide. Discuss with parents or a friend and ask for suggestions or follow someone’s style whom you consider to be stylish.

Fashion psychology with time is emerging affluently across the globe and it’s gaining huge popularity among adolescents with the growing trend of fashion.


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Understanding Fashion Psychology and the Growing Trend of Fashion Among Adolescents
Understanding Fashion Psychology and the Growing Trend of Fashion Among Adolescents





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