10 Ways For Introverts To Keep Their Social Battery From Running Out

10 Ways For Introverts To Keep Their Social Battery From Running Out

There is no proper way to define a social introvert. Even as humans, sometimes we need to enter a state of hibernation. The need arises because we need to recharge ourselves. For social introverts, the need is more often. But then, anyone would feel awkward recusing themselves from a group of extroverts to spend some time within themselves or recharging their social battery.

This can often lead to tense situations- something introverts would like to avoid at all costs. We want to talk to people, or the voices in our heads will get louder. At the same time, we would not like it if the people we are talking to feel uncomfortable around us. However, there are no other animals as social as human beings, after all. So there has to be an equilibrium. 

So, here are ten things you can keep in mind, as an introvert, to make your social battery last as long as possible.

10 Different Ways To Survive Being A Social Group Without Running Out Of Energy

1. Honesty Is Usually The Best Policy

It starts with whether you feel comfortable enough to go out of your shell to interact with certain people. In such cases, you, most likely, trust those people. So, why don’t you try being honest about your emotional well-being with them? Sure, there is always a lingering fear that they will not understand your issue. Maybe, they will not be able to meet your expectations of being your circle. Regardless, you have nothing to lose, do you? 

Dr. Helgoe, the author of Introvert Power, believes, “To friends, you might say something like, ‘It was so hard to leave my dog and my couch tonight. You all better make this worth it!’ or if you’re meeting someone new, bring up a topic that reflects your introversion, like asking them about their favorite pandemic binge show.”

2. Get Some Alone Time When You Have The Chance

Trust us when we say your friends and family will be happier if they see you have managed to find balance in your life. Sure, your presence in their life matters as well, However, you need to have some respect for your well-being too. Pick out a calendar and schedule things just for yourself. So, when you are finally in a group, you wouldn’t feel as out of place as you would have previously. Also, spending time alone can often make us wish for company. Here’s hoping for that!

3. Don’t Engage In Conversations That Can Be Draining

There is a correct time and correct place for everything. Imagine coming back from work, and your friends start up a conversation about your existential crisis. Ask yourself: do you really have the energy in your social battery to handle this topic? So don’t indulge in it. You can always tell your friend directly that you are not in the headspace to help them with it. You can even offer to have a different conversation. You would still be sprightly by the end of the conversation. And when you have a day off, talk about life and its mysteries. 

4. Don’t Go Too Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Remember, you are out there to have fun- not fight a battle. Choose a location that would not be a drain on your social battery too much. If you are someone who doesn’t like crowded bars, don’t go to one. And honestly, if you have friends who don’t care about your choices, you would rather make better friends. 

5. Talk

That’s it. Just talk. When you feel burdened and your energy is about to drop off, it could possibly be a result of you keeping things within yourself. Just vent it out. In fact, it doesn’t even have to make sense in the beginning. It can be random words and sounds as your brain is trying to express itself better. When the conversation ends, your social battery may feel extremely energized. 

6. Listen

The antithesis to the above point. Sometimes you don’t have to talk. If you want to conserve your social battery, why not just listen to people around you? Introverts are usually great listeners. And who knows, you might get to hear something great by just listening. Your day might just get better.

7. Keep Your Circle Small

Introverts are usually not comfortable around large groups of people. I am speaking from experience, though. Keep your circle small- and it will help if your circle is also filled with other introverts. But if not, still- make it tiny so that you can listen and speak to your heart’s content, and never feel overwhelmed at any point. 

8. Make Your Social Events Fulfilling

If you are someone who doesn’t like pottery, why would you join people at a pottery event? To truly utilize your potential, try to join events that match your hobbies. It will actually excite your social battery enough that you would not feel forced. 

9. Meditation

Meditation is probably the answer to eight out of ten social problems. If you really want to keep your social battery at an all-time high, begin meditation. Or in the evening. In fact, meditate when you get time. It won’t take up much space, and you can do it anywhere. Your meditation technique can be whatever you choose it to be. 

10. Have Support

Never veer into any social event alone- always keep a mate. Be someone’s wing person, have them be yours. When you both feel overwhelmed, you would be able to rely on the other. And you would also not feel alone if you are unable to initiate a conversation with someone at the event- which tends to happen to us introverts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There A Way Of Preventing Your Social Battery From Draining By Doing Nothing?

Unfortunately not. The best way to prevent yourself from falling down into limbo is by always doing something. Even when you are meditating, you are still committing to an action. Your social battery is meant to get exhausted and get replenished, like normal batteries. 

2. How Do I Socialize When I Don’t Want To?

There is an easy way out for you- learn to say NO. It is your life, your choices, your well-being. There should not be any reason why you don’t look out for yourself. If you think you are not up for it, just say no. If they are your friend, they will understand.

3. What Can I Do To Avoid Depleting My Social Battery Whilst I Am Already In A Social Situation?

An introvert always needs a reason to step out of their house. Therefore, when you are at a social event and feel your social battery energy depleting, try thinking about the reason you are there for. It could be anything- and while it may seem trivial to others, use that as a guiding force to go through the event.

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10 Ways For Introverts To Keep Their Social Battery From Running Out