5 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Toxic Person When Facing One

5 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Toxic Person When Facing One

No matter what kind of a person you are, communicating with a toxic person is tough on the heart. It is damaging and exhausting for your mental as well as, in some cases, physical health. But, some of us really care about the connections we share with people. These people can go to huge lengths to stop a connection from falling apart. Sometimes, it means, they inadvertently incorporate the toxicity from a toxic relationship.

Identifying A Toxic Person

Some toxic traits are very easily identifiable like blame-shifting. If someone you know repeatedly refuses to own up to any faults and instead diverts them toward another person, then you may be dealing with a toxic person. Other tactics, such as gaslighting, are much more subtly manipulative. In simple words, the toxic person will spend a large amount of time destroying your confidence, while asserting how much you depend on them.

We may not know how to properly respond or put up with such situations for too long. The result is us becoming toxic people. In the case of blame-shifting, it can feel easier to simply agree with the redirection, no matter how wrong it may be for the innocent victim. In the second case, gaslighting can leave you permanently in need of a person whom you can depend on blindly. This can be overwhelming for any future partner.

So how can you respond to such toxicity without becoming a toxic person? Here are 5 proper responses in such situations.

5 Ways To Deal With Toxicity Without Being A Toxic Person

1. Be Direct And Firm While Replying

Manipulative and toxic behavior thrives by breaking down your self-confidence. One of the main purposes behind it is to make the victim pliant to every whim and opinion of the toxic person. This is why when you feel like someone is trying to break your trust in your thoughts, be firm with your response.

Tell them, that you believe in your truth, no matter what distorted opinion they may have about it. Furthermore, be honest and direct with your words, as much as possible. For example, if a person is shifting the blame, identify and call it out. Tell them that it is disrespectful and manipulative of them to do so and that you will not stand by it.

2. Be Aware Of How Intense You Are

A lot of the time, your opinions are not the problem. Rather, it is how you express them that makes you a toxic person. It is difficult to be completely aware of what you say when a moment of passion becomes judgmental. Usually, in such moments, we say horrible things that we do not really mean. While interacting with toxic people, this is exactly the response they want.

Instead, sit back and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Then try to talk without raising your voice. You can see the seriousness and influence hit anyone you are talking to, regardless of their personality. Try to be genuinely inquisitive while having the conversation. This is a boost in self-confidence that will help you in keeping away from the toxic pitfall.

3. Distance Yourself Emotionally

Sometimes, we are too close to the toxic person to notice their toxicity. In such cases, our own change for the worse becomes even more unnoticeable to us. In fact, the more you engage in the relationship in such cases, the more you get influenced.

Therefore, try to create a bit of distance emotionally from the toxic person when you notice this happening. It can happen through very simple habits, like taking a breath before you talk. You can also think about your emotions long and hard before holding any sort of conversation with a toxic person. All of these will help you be firm with your own opinions and thoughts.

4. Take A Look In The Mirror

This might sound a bit weird, but even a toxic relationship can teach us about ourselves. Most importantly, it shows all the things that we are still lacking. You should understand that try as you might, you may never be able to change a toxic person. However, that also means you can learn what works and what doesn’t work in such situations.

Moreover, if you encounter such toxicity regularly and repeatedly, you should assess your own personality, since the common factor in every situation is you. Use this chance to learn about yourself instead of blaming yourself. Find out what needs to change so that you do not be as welcoming of such toxicity.

5. End What Needs To Be Ended

No matter how much effort and patience you have, there are limits to everything. The best way to remove any chances of becoming toxic is to cut off the problem at its roots: your association with the toxic person. A usual marker for when it’s time to end the relationship is when the toxic person constantly makes you doubt your truth.

Even after trying to hold a proper conversation, if the behavior does not change, then it’s time to make the call. Unfortunately, if the person holds some sort of authority over you, then the call will be tough. But it has to be made. Moreover, at times, it’s better to swim to the nearest shore than endure a leaky boat slowly sinking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Person?

They usually have a tendency to act like a superior in every situation. Other traits include being manipulative, unapologetic, unsympathetic, and acting like the biggest victim of themselves.

What Is A Toxic Person Relationship?

You may have a relationship with a toxic person if you feel disrespected, unhappy, and feel a lack of support and honesty.

Can A Toxic Person Love Someone?

The answer, to be absolutely honest, is situational. Of course, first one has to fix themselves before even thinking about a relationship. But, even then, traits are difficult to completely erase.

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