8 advantages of having older friends

8 Amazing Advantages Of Having Older Friends

Friends become an integral part of our lives, sometimes playing an even greater role than our family members when it comes to being our support system, understanding who we truly are, and accepting us completely and wholeheartedly. A friend can uplift our mood when we are feeling down in the dumps, within a matter of no time – it feels simply magical being in the company of a true friend who cares for you.

A true friend in our lives can be of any age, they can be older than us, younger than us, or be the same age as us. Age is not a factor for many, and they do not let it become a factor either, because as long as they are able to connect to the person and get vibing with them, age does not really matter. Age is a social construct that many people take into their head and this leads them to jeopardize their friendships or relationships.

What kind of friends should an individual have? Should they go for friends who belong to the same age group as them, friends who are a decade or two older than them, or friends who are younger than them? Well, it ultimately boils down to the person they are looking for in a friend – age does not matter here. If you have a connection with somebody, you should be able to make it work regardless of age – age becomes a secondary factor here.

Does having people who are older than you as your friends help you in some way? Are there any particular benefits of having older people as friends? Some people prefer having friends who are older because they vibe better with older people, their thought processes match, and having an age gap is not a matter of concern but something that both parties embrace as a positive side to their relationship.

Does the age gap of the individuals involved matter in the case of friendships? Some might say yes, while others might be of the opinion that age doesn’t really matter in the long run. The older person’s experience will bring about a lot of maturity and perspective into the friendship, which the younger person will usually lack up to a certain extent, and the older person will be very much capable of supporting and guiding the younger person. No wonder, younger people often go for solid, long-term friendships with people who are older than them by a decade or two. These friendships often blossom into full-fledged relationships for many. There are numerous celebrity couples who have set up examples for that!

No doubt, being friends with a person who is older than you comes with its share of advantages. We bring to you the top 8 benefits of having older friends in your life:

Older Friends
Older Friends | Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

1. You get to learn a lot about life:

People who are older than you have been in this world more than you, and are likely to have experienced numerous things in their life that you haven’t yet. It’s really quite simple – older people have been around for longer, and are likely to have more knowledge about things than you do. So take every opportunity to extract this knowledge from them and learn more about life!

2. Older people are more knowledgeable:

It is common knowledge that older people are likely to have more knowledge than us because they have experienced much more than us. From education to politics, interpersonal relationships, or even love, they are much more knowledgeable compared to the younger generation and will make great advisors for younger people. They also tend to be a lot wiser than the younger generation, because with age comes a certain sense of being and a certain amount of wisdom.

3. Older friends make great advisors:

As discussed in the previous paragraph, people who are older than you will give you great advice about most things in life and most situations that you might face in your future because chances are that they have faced the exact same situations in their past. Their patronage and guidance will certainly help you grow and mature as an individual and help you make the right decisions.

4. You feel more comfortable being in the company of older friends:

Most older people have this quality of making you feel very comfortable in their company. Being in the company of older people will help you relax and not take most situations in life too seriously, and will help you deal with them and get through them. They will be able to provide you with the necessary support that you need because they have already been there. Older people will also help you remain grounded and help you attain mental stability.

5. You get a different perspective on life from your older friends:

Older people have a much more mature as well as broader perspective on life because they have already been through so much. Their advice and feedback will certainly help out younger generations during times of need.

6. Older people make great companions when it comes to reminiscing about the past:

Older people are usually found to reminisce fondly about the past experiences they have had, and generally have a positive outlook about their past compared to young people. They love having conversations about what they have experienced and also guiding their younger friends through the journey of life.

7. Older friends provide one a sense of stability in their lives:

Older people are often the source of security and stability for younger people. When their younger friends need any kind of support, older friends make sure that they remain as a support system in their lives and help them overcome any difficult situation.

8. An older friend is someone you can look up to:

Older friends make great role models for younger people! Be it their experiences, their achievements or their words, young people find their older friends to be such a treasure house of resources, because they have so much to learn from them.

To conclude, an age gap in friendships or relationships is not a bad thing in most cases and things work out quite well as the companionship between the two people blossoms over time. So if you are a young person having an older friend or partner, make sure that there is mutual respect between you two and make the most out of your relationship. You are likely to have a blast!

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8 Amazing Advantages Of Having Older Friends
Advantages Of Having Older Friends